Thursday, September 30, 2010

Finish brakes, starting electrical issue...

Yesterday was not a fun day but I finished the rear brakes...

Went to pick up the relined shoes fro the front.

The front drums had grooves, especially the right one.

I had them machined...

The paint on the right one was damaged with brake fluid...

Some high spots I had to file down.

Torquing the nut to 30 m/Kg; by putting my weight on the blue mark is the equivalent of 30 m/Kg.

Broke my wrench :o(

Did a lube job on the front end. Someone replaced the grease nipple with a bleeder.

This nipple broke...

Since it is an over-sized nipple, I borrowed the other side's to grease the upper arm and plugged the hole with a metric screw.

The front brakes are done. The right one is still a little tight but feels normal when I've road tested the car. It will take its place.


Started to work on the electrical issue. The charging system is not working.

Changed all fluids and oiled the water pump while I was at it.

Not much coolant in there :o(

Tried to drain the block but, as expected, the hole was clogged with years of deposit at the bottom of the block. I could not clear it. The best way would be drain the radiator again after a while and replace the coolant again.

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